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Dr. Bugman has been offering educational out-reach programs since 2001.

Dr. Bugman provides a hands-on learning experience like no other using a variety of exotic bugs, reptiles, and amphibians!

Dr. Bugman offers programs to schools, libraries, zoos, scout troops, and private parties in the Connecticut area.

Dr. Bugman has been a volunteer at the Beardsley Zoo in Bridgeport, CT since 1996, helping to educate and enlighten visitors on the significance of our other earthly creatures!



Dr. Bugman has been a member of the following orginizations:

  • American Tarantula Society
  • Sonoran Arthropod Studies Institute
  • Connecticut Zoological Society
  • Yahoo Invertebrates E-Group

 Dr. Bugman Co-Authored an article in the American Bee Journal in October 1984 entitled "The Aborting of a Queen Larvae by a Mated Foreign Queen". 

Dr. Bugman is a Cum Laude graduate of the University of Connecticut- Bachelor of Science- Degree with Distinction in Pathobiology (animal diseases) 1981.

Dr. Bugman is also a Cum Laude graduate of National College of Health Sciences- Degree of Chiropractic 1985.   

Contact us at drbugman24@aol.com for pricing and  to schedule your event!

Available for events only in the Connecticut area.

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